The Academy goes to school

Academy goes to school offers individual advice to applicants, students, and teachers. Academy goes to school was established for the period from 2013 to 2018 as part of a project supported by the infrastructure calls of the then Federal Ministry of Science and Economics. After the period of this project expires, the Academy will integrate the themes and focus of this project into its structure and create a permanent position for the teaching faculty in this area at the Institute. In this position, information on unconventional educational paths will be gathered, and a location where high school students, teachers, artists, university students, and many others will be able to network will be created.

The aim of this work is to create structures within the Academy that make the program accessible to many potential applicants. Academy goes to school is thereby committed to providing access to the Academy of Fine Arts to as many people with varying educational backgrounds as possible and to making teachers and students aware of a wide range of privileges. A particular concern is providing further diversity training to Academy employees in order to increase awareness regarding migration at the Academy.

From 2013 to 2018, a number of low-threshold information formats have already been developed, which are currently still being used and will be expanded in the future. The formats – e.g. courses, workshops, open house days, and much more – will thereby provide opportunities to explore programs at the Academy, as well as bring the Academy to other locations (e.g. schools), find ways for students to network, and continually initiate change agents. In this way, we hope that networks will be created, close relationships and collaborations with schools, youth centers, people with refugee experience, teachers, students, and graduates will be established, and exchange with like-minded initiatives will be maintained.

Up to now, Academy goes to school has paid special attention to the admission examinations. On the one hand, opportunities that allow students to understand and orient themselves around the steps of the admission examination process, and go into the admission exam as well prepared as possible, are still being provided. On the other hand, a fundamental concern of Academy goes to the school is to still critically examine the admission examination process at the Academy and to identify where there is room for improvement. For this purpose, research and the exchange of experiences are both important components.