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Cathrin Pichler Archiv
für Kunst und Wissenschaften

About the Cathrin Pichler Archive for Art and Sciences


The Cathrin Pichler Archive for Art and Sciences comprises the entire written estate of the thinker, curator, author, and teacher Cathrin Pichler. This compilation of more than 5.000 publications, valuable first editions, autographs, sketches and drafts was given over to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with the assignment to render her intellectual legacy accessible to the public and preserve it for future generations. With the material Cathrin Pichler collected over several decades, the Archive gives insight into the work and impact of this exceptional thinker, who uncompromisingly promoted the idea of curatorial work as a research-related and cultural service.

Cathrin Pichler’s pioneering work in the fields of art and sciences is characterized by its sensibility and innovation in interdisciplinary thinking and in connecting artistic and scientific research at a very early stage. Since the 1980s, the Grande Dame of Austrian curators has designed and curated large thematic exhibitions which to this day are reactivated as effective communication tools and oppositional cells of thought that were planted by her.

The CPA opens up extraordinary perspectives on the Viennese art and cultural scene from the 1960s to the 2000s and places it in a reciprocal relation to international developments. Mirroring the times, this exchange comprises comprehensive publications about fine arts, theater studies, musicology, philosophy, sociology, and psychology as well as physics, mathematics, and biology.